Gunvault GV1000S Mini Vault Standard Gun Safe Review


    Pistol guns are sensitive and need to be well kept. As you get armed, it is crucial to ensure that are your tools are well placed. The pistol gun can be a source of help, but if mishandled, the enemy will use the weapon against you. Since you have to carry the pistol gun on some occasion even when it is not in use, you need a safe case. In most circumstances, pistol gun owners miss out on the right gun secure case. Gunvault GV1000S micro vault pistol gun safe review will help you understand how the safe helps you keep your pistol gun more comfortably.

    Features of theGunvault GV1000S Mini Vault Standard Gun Safe

    Gunvault GV1000S Mini Vault Standard Gun Safe Review

    Rock-Solid Construction

    You cannot compromise the safety of the pistol gun. The Gunvault GV1000S Microvault Pistol Gun Safe is made of heavy gauge steel which ensures extreme protection for your security tool. The interior is also well furnished. The soft foam guards and protects the pistol from rattling. The high strength lock technique is much reliable and efficient from time to time. The case is coated with elegant and durable black color finishing which makes it outstanding. The outside of the safe is well finished and ensures that there is no room for the thieves to pry your case. The lock demands a secret code which nobody else should have.

    Tamper Detection

    It is possible for someone else to open your pistol gun case. This is disastrous as they may end up using the pistol against you or be involved in the robbery and the registered owner of the gun has to take responsibility. However, the tamper detection mechanism installed on Gunvault GV1000S Microvault Pistol Gun Safe keyboard prevents such likelihood. If someone introduces illegal logging close to 24 times, the keypad locks. The safe will further go to the sleep mode for approximately two minutes. If the button is pressed, the safe warns the registered user that there are unauthorized attempts to open the case. The warning allows the owner of the pistol to secure the case.

    The Design

    The notebook design makes the safe more portable and accessible. You can carry your pistol gun to any point as the safe can be fitted in a different bag to allow no room for speculations. It is easy to open and access the weapon as you do not need specialized training for as long as you have the secret cord to key on the keypad. The black finishing makes the case more appealing and has made the safe to attract different Hints.

    Foolproof Security

    A pistol gun demands total security. Nobody can open with the hand tools because of the precise fittings on the pistol gun safe. The built-in computer in the keypads blocks the users if there is a repeat of the wrong keyboards. The system prevents possible guesses and is only ideal for use by the registered owners. There is also a backup login option, and it is, therefore, reasonable to key in the secret word even when the battery goes off.

    Advanced Access

    Security gadgets ought to have developed access to keep off unauthorized persons from using the safe. The keypads are conveniently placed for easy use as there is no specialized training on how to use the device. The different no-eyes keyboards guarantee security and quick access. You can have as many access codes as you want. However, ensure that you have a record of all the possible access codes. There are provisions for changing the access codes whenever you are convicted to. You can have as many as twelve million access codes.

    Battery and warranty

    Since the safe is not water or fireproof, it has a limited one-year warranty. it is during this time that you can have your pistol gun safe changed. The battery of the safe is efficient as it is 9Volts and can serve you for a year. However, the duration of the battery life is dependent on how frequent the pistol gun safe is used. Gunvault provides a backup override key with a unit to allow the operations of the safe even when the battery fails.

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    • The pistol gun is quickly accessible during an emergency and confrontations.
    • The black finishing makes the safe ideal while carrying the pistol in your vehicle.
    • The safe has a one-year limited warranty where you can have the pistol replaced or repaired if it does not meet your needs effectively.
    • The nine volts battery serves for a longer duration, and the backup override key makes the case ideal for use even in the areas where there is no electrify connection.
    • The soft foam on the inside prevents the pistol gun from rattling and other possible damage.
    • The keypad logging ensures that the unauthorized do not access the pistol gun.


    • The safe is not water and fireproof, and hence in case of water and fire eventualities, the pistol gun shall be ruined.

    Technical Details

    • Product Dimensions: 13 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches
    • Part Number: GV1000CSTD
    • Item Weight: 9 pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 9.5 pounds
    • Item model number: GV1000C-STD
    • Batteries: 1 9V batteries required.
    • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes
    • Size: Mini Vault
    • Color: Black
    • Style: Combination
    • Material: Steel
    • Shape: Square
    • Power Source: battery-powered
    • Voltage: 8 volts
    • Item Package Quantity: 1
    • Number Of Pieces: 1
    • Included Components: gun-stock-accessories
    • Batteries Included: No
    • Batteries Required: Yes

    Final Verdict

    If you own a pistol gun, you should be pretty sure that you need to keep the weapon locked from children and other authorized people. It is difficult for a thief to use the gun since the safe cannot open. You can mount it on a sharp point if you do not want to move with the case from one point to the other. All the features in Gunvault GV1000S Microvault Pistol Gun Safe Review explain why you need to get the safe and keep your pistol gun well.

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