SereneLife SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box Review


    Secure handgun storage is a crucial factor in preventing accidental shootings and stolen firearms. Many gun owners might not have space or funds for an expensive full size safe, or are more mobile and spend more time in their vehicle or hotel rooms than at home.

    While there are many inexpensive handgun lock boxes on the market, they often only come in one size, which may be too size of a fit for your pistol, magazines, or other belongings you wish to secure. Owners of larger handguns like revolvers or full size 1911s may find some of the aforementioned boxes to be too cozy to their liking. There is also the slight inconvenience of one key per SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box, so utilizing a box tethered to a car seat and another to the bedpost means two sets of keys and twice the time it takes to recover your items when you need them the most, in a hurry.

    Features of the SereneLife SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box

    SnapSafe provides not only an XL size SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box but also a set of two that are keyed alike. This allows for a husband/wife set for example or keeping a SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box in the car and the home, or one at the office. The SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box XL is a very simple yet strong design. The internal dimensions are 9.5 inches by 6.5 inches and affords room for a full size 1911, a compact handgun, or even two subcompacts. The sides are reinforced with steel that overlaps the seam when closed, acting as an anti-prying feature. The steel cable included can be looped into a lasso for securing to a solid object, or padlocked to itself. The SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box has a porthole cut in its left edge to accommodate the cable.

    The SnapSafe SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box XL is a great option for concealing carriers who need to lockup their firearm, especially if traveling through a state that requires such provisions. I tried out multiple firearms in different configurations inside the SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box and was pleased with most of the fit except for thinner frame single stack firearms like the Shield or G42 will slide around and bang. When there’s an option that costs less than a box of ammunition and keeps your firearms from falling into the wrong hands,

    Whichever you choose, make certain no one knows the codes except those you give clearance too. With mechanical locks, mix the number combination (high and low) so it will be difficult to guess.

    Don’t let anyone tamper with your electronic lock. Entering the wrong combination too many times will cause the gun safe to lock up. if this happens you may not be able to open it again.

    Both mechanical and electronic locks have their followers. Some gun safes even have electronic and mechanical combinations. Whichever you choose, what’s important is you follow the directions for their use.


    The best gun safe should have enough room for all your guns. Safes come in a wide range of sizes. Handgun safes are compact and portable. There are also large safes for long firearms. Think of your future needs as well. if you’re a collector, get the biggest gun safe you can afford.

    Be thorough when checking the specs. Sometimes the depth includes the handle in the measurement. The best value gun safe offers enough space for long firearms.


    The best-rated gun safes are built from solid materials. They are also heavy to discourage theft. Even if the burglar can’t open a light safe, they’ll just carry it away. But if you have a 300 or 500 lb. Safe, they won’t be able to do it.

    There is no such thing as the perfect specification as user needs vary. For serious gun collectors, a 750 lb. safe is ideal with eight-gauge (or better) walls. if you’ve got a lot of long firearms, spacious interior is recommended.


    We have spoken in depth about locks earlier so no need to repeat them here. Most people now prefer an electronic lock because of it is are more convenient. We have mentioned the pros and cons already, but the fact is electronic locks provide quicker access.

    If there is an emergency in the middle of the night, fumbling for the combination lock takes too long. With an electronic lock, you just have to enter the code. Electronic locks are also visible in the dark, so you don’t have to open the light.

    Fire Rating

    The best-rated gun safes have fire protection. The best ones have outer and inner metal plates. These plates cover a material that acts as a fire insulator. Look for safes with a Intertek ETL or Underwriters Laboratories UL rating.

    Some gun safes have multiple gypsum layers scattered through the door and interior. However, they are still good provided it has an Intertek ETL rating. There are also safes with a single or double gypsum layer. Their ratings are based set by the manufacturers.

    SereneLife SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box – Videos


    • Large interior dimensions fit two compact size pistols, or full size 1911.
    • Set of two keyed alike makes home & vehicle storage easier.
    • Steel reinforcements provide counter against prying tools.
    • 16-gauge steel construction.
    • Interior lined with memory foam for added comfort and protection.
    • Certified by the DOJ.
    • Meets TSA security requirements so you can travel with this case.
    • Locking mechanism only opens with a key for added security.
    • Comes with a steel cable to attach safely to any fixed surface.
    • The best-rated gun safes use electronic locks because they’re easy to use.
    • Backlighting allows you to access the gun safe even in darkness.
    • Lettering and font are larger than on mechanical locks.
    • As the best gun safe reviews will tell, mechanical locks are durable.
    • No worries about power shortage or low battery.


    • Interior foam lining is 9 mm thick but low density, so it becomes thinner when compressed.
    • Foam lining is not glued or adhered to interior.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?A: I like the steel construction. For the price the construction is decent. Only thing I would change is either thicker foam, my 1911 sits okay but if the foam was 1/4 of a inch thicker on both sides it would sit nice and snug without moving the gun if dropped. As it is if, the case is dropped or shaken a gun placed inside would hit the bare steel sides of the inside. ” Amazon User ReviewQ: What others are saying?A: This XL safe is awesome. it’s big, much bigger than the competitors. I’m able to put two large guns along with the clips and ammo into one box, yet thin enough to slide under my night stand. The safe is constructed very strong and the cable allows me to attach it to anything so it can’t be moved. This is yet another great addition to the SnapSafe line of products. Defiantly going to be getting some for my friends and family.” Amazon User ReviewQ: What are the dimensions of the safe?A: Exterior dimensions are six %” x 9.5” x 1 A”. Interior dimensions are about half a inch shorter, due in part to the inside hinge and the foam padding. The steel cable also takes up space, so be aware of thatQ: Is this box easy to pry open?A: Fortunately, it is not. However, with the right tools and enough force, you could pry it openQ: How does the cable work?A: First, loop the cable around a fixed surface, such as a dresser leg, steering wheel, or something else that can’t be easily removed. Then, insert the small end of the cable into the box, where it will come out of a small slit on the side. The loop on the end will prevents anyone from picking it up and taking it.Q: Gun safe for sale?A: Amazon, eBay, Alibaba is the best place where you can easily go for buy best gun safes and also for selling you can go your trusted online sites.

    Final Verdict

    For anyone who likes to travel with a gun, the SnapSafe SLSFE14 Fireproof Lock Box with Key Lock for Handgun Storage of Full-Size Pistols is an ideal transport option. Small and discreet, it can allow you to take a handgun and a couple of extra clips to wherever you need to go. Since it’s rated by the TSA, you can check it with your luggage worry-free. However, just know that not every country abides by TSA ratings, so bringing the safe back into the country may pose problems. Other than that, this is a rugged and dependable safe that’s hard to break into, so it should be perfect for the Gun Safe Review owner on the go.

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