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Stack-On PS-508 Extra Wide Strong Box Safe Review


The stack on 508 strong boxes is a safe that has an extra wide storage and can be bought in a variety of colors; you can have the pleasure of locking unlimited valuables in it. You can store your laptop computers, you can store your jewelry or your personal gun. If you’re worried about your delicate equipment’s, this baby has you covered; created with an egg create padding at the bottom to give your delicate equipment’s a soft landing. Apart from providing great security, the safe can be a great addition to a college dorm room. The safe is versatile and can be used for various functions rather than just storing a gun.

Features of the Stack-On PS-508 Extra Wide Strong Box Safe

Stack-On PS-508 Extra Wide Strong Box Safe Review

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Dorm safe feature

The safe does not take up so much space in the room. The safe was made with everyone in mind including students. Not just for gun storage but for storage of expensive valuables like laptops, expensive smart-phones, jewelry or expensive books. The safe comes in a variety of color at your preference. Most students find safety key option as a plus given it affords them an extra sense of security since the safety pin is of their choosing. Plus, the cable is a plus that helps the student fastens the safe on the dorm room walls.

Extra wide opening

The safes opening is wide that makes it easier for you to store larger items like a laptop. The opening is preferred by many because it gives its users a lot of wiggle room while storing your valuables. Provides a large surface area for you to store more than it’s needed; hence making this baby a favorite to many. We all need a safe that is versatile.

Create padding

Don’t you just hate it when you store your valuables then, later on, pick them with scratches? With the Stack-On- Ps 508 all your valuables receive a soft landing. The create padding ensures all your items are stored and retrieved in the same condition you stored them in.

While storing your gun it gives you a sense of confidence because of the soft landing it would be such a horror to imagine others. Many users can store their hard drives with a sense of peace, it not only offers you security but also offers your valuables face value protection. That is a bonus plus.

Solid steel plate door pry resistance

The main reason for buying a safe is to make sure all your valuables are completely safe. A tamper-proof safe is what every consumer is paying top dollar for. The most considered qualities in a safe are tamper proof and resistance qualities.

This safe is reliable when it comes to opening though it’s loved by many because it’s strong enough to resist prying by brutes. This safe gives you quality for every dollar paid; the safe in itself acts as a physical barrier against thieves. The safe is most preferred for storing guns because of this quality it would be such a horror imagining your weapon in the wrong hands. Hence the need of investing in a reliable and secure safe.

Interior storage

It is always good to keep in mind what your intending to store in your safe. Some people use it for the storage of guns. The safe is spacious and you can store several items at ago. You can store your laptop and still have room left over for other valuables.

Easily programmed with a safety key

When storing items that need to be accessed daily e.g. laptops, it’s only fair to ask yourself this question; how often will I access my safe during the day? With this in mind, the Stack- on-Ps-508 is safe to buy because we all need a safe that is easy to access and hard to break into.

Easily accessible does not mean a safe that can be easily broken into by brutes; but easy for you to unlock. Safe with pins or finger scans is usually the best rated and great for easy accessibility. It becomes easier for you to access your safe regularly when it’s easily accessible.

High- quality c​able lock

It’s always a good idea to consider a location for your Safe. The stack is great because it comes with high-quality cables that will allow you to fasten the safe to the walls of your room. Having to push and pull your safe from under the bed every time you want accessibility can prove to be such a tedious and trying task. The cable fastens the safe through pre-drilled holes and holds the safe in a secure position. In case you ever misplace your cable the separate cable always comes in handy.

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  • Provides solid protection
  • Interior is spacious
  • Small enough to fit under the bed if you do not wish to mount it
  • Well-constructed


  • Though it’s a well-crafted safe the safe has minimal flaws; the safe has a small knob.


  • Digital anti-safe with a digital clock
  • 2 live locking door bolts
  • The door has concealed hinges with a burglary resistant door
  • 1.5 cubic ft. interior storage
  • The plate door is made of solid steel making it pry resistant
  • The safe has an electronic safety lock installed.
  • Comes with a cable lock
  • Has an egg create padding?
  • Separate cable lock sold separately
  • Has dorm safe features


The safe is well crafted and highly secure though it has minimal flaws, the flaws can be ignored. The safe is user- friendly and comes with an instruction manual to guide through on how to set up and use the safe. Among all the other reviewed safe this is the most secure and highly recommended.

The safes lower profile also makes it portable and can easily fit under the bed if you do not wish to mount it. the live-action quality doors and locking bolts are a plus. Though the safe is highly expensive quality and its function is not spared on expenses. The safe is built to give you value for money.

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