Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe Review


    Home security is a vital aspect of life. It ensures one is comfortable at their places of residence to run their daily errands. There different kinds of equipment or ways of ensuring the safety at home are well maintained. Such means if well applied would be of great help to the owner. An excellent example of equipment used to guard other fragile materials at home is the Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer Safe Review. This is an improved tool with affiliate parts that play a general role of keeping safe equipment stored in it, according to the owners’ taste.

    Features of the Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe

    Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe Review

    Equipment at home

    One of the highlights being, low and full. This feature is perfect for homes with limited spaces. When it is low, it almost levels itself with the floor level hence no walking inconvenience. Its broad nature is ideal for storing many tools inside it. The flat and wide property enables it being stored out of children. The fragile equipment would be safe from consistent breakages by the children in the homestead. Also, being low and wide prevents the stored content from the different external temperature, which may change its physical state, thus destroying it.


    Box is made of a solid case, it is easy to operate. From storing the tools with ease to drugging it along if one wants to change its position. Sometimes the user may decide to shift to another new apartment or break the casing or do something that needs the case being lifted from where it was original. The fact is easy to move because it is made of wheels that would enable it to move, no matter what tools are stored in it. Its convenience to walk has attracted many users to have it home.

    Equipment stored

    The egg-crate foam padding at the bottom of the safe helps protect delicate tools. Some glass materials might be stored in it; some hold computers, pianos, guitars, or even phones. All these articles break, crack, or completely damage once fall on the floor or ground. Storing them in Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer makes them safe from such impromptu breakages. It has turned to be economical because it would take long for one using Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer to break their tools, hence buying another one after an extended period.

    The code is used to open

    The two live-action steel locking bolts and concealed hinges provide greater security. This means access is the one who owns Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer, not unless, they share the security code to the closest people they trust. Confidential things like valuable properties like gold could be stored as an investment.

    Hence, giving the unlocking code to people, for this reason, would be dangerous. The coding feature varies from one case to another: it depends with the quality buying. Some would be easily guessed and opened with ease. The best ones are those that have a hard time trying to illegally break them or guessing the codes. Safety ensured to this extent is perfect to the user as they are sure of their tools being intact.


    Being waterproof would make it able to store vital items that get destroyed by water tough such as certificates and confidential documents of contracts or deal signed. Apart from destruction, it helps the stored tools stay long. Some tools when stored would be left there for long hence accidentally get destroyed by condensing nature of the temperature, or the rains, or leaking room. Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer offers the best space with no stress or worry of the situation of the content inside it. It would always ensure their safety anytime, and anyplace.


    All goods stored in the case are ensured of safety from fire. Fire may occur, caused by children, or spread from the neighbor, anytime. Therefore, having most of the essential goods stored in the case makes those all-time safes from a fire. Properties like confidential documents, phones, and laptops would be safe from fire when saving in the Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer.

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    • It is economical
    • It saves time
    • Keeps goods safe with no physical change for long
    • Ensures goods are secured
    • Easy to operate
    • Good for fragile materials
    • Prevents goods stored from water
    • Prevents products stored form fire
    • Withstands external temperatures


    • The hinges get finished with time, hence rendering Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer useless.

    Technical Details

    • Part Number: PDS-1500
    • Item Weight: 12.8 pounds
    • Product Dimensions: 12 x 8.8 x 4.5 inches
    • Item model number: PDS-1500
    • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required.
    • Color: Black Lock
    • Shipping Weight: 13.1 pounds
    • Material: steel
    • Item Package Quantity: 1
    • Included Components: Safe, Key, batteries
    • Batteries Included: Yes
    • Batteries Required: Yes
    • Battery Cell Type: Alkaline

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does this have back up key access?A: it comes with two keys that as a backup.

    Q: Would this safe hold a pistol of average size?A: yes.

    Final Verdict

    The solid ones would not be simple to operate with when storing a gun that is used most of the times. Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer is the as safe box like equipment that is ideal for storing various goods for more so, safety purposes. There are many types of the same with different properties that would fit the users’ taste and preferences. Also, the variance in features affects the price difference.

    The properties hence make it perfect to choose from. Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer has pros and cons too. The merits and demerits vary from one Stack-on Ps-1500 Drawer to another. This makes it simple for the buyers to chose from and drew the conclusion on which to purchase. I suggest that similar cases to Stack-on Ps 1500 Drawer be designed for clothes storage too, it would make safe the clothes from, fire, and would make it easy to shift also.

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