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SentrySafe Pistol Gun Safe Review


SnapSafe Pistol is a container used to store a handgun, e.g., a pistol to ensure one does not accidentally shoot at an individual. The box also prevents guns from firearm mugging or simple theft. Since many gun holders cannot afford expensive safes for firearms, it is advisable to purchase a SnapSafe Box. Sometimes the gun might be in the car or hotel room in most cases, and there is a need for safekeeping it. The box is portable and safe since one can put it under the seats. The box is available on Amazon, and I would recommend anyone to purchase it for the many benefits that it has.

Features of the SentrySafe Pistol Gun Safe

Steel Body

The box is made up of dense steel body that ensures no one can quickly open it without the authorization of the owner. The 16-gauge steel body also prevents the contents from exposure to the public, direct sunlight, theft and any other risk. Since the steel body makes the SnapSafe Pistol resistant to pry and disclosure, it is recommended to anyone who owns a handgun. The steel body also ensures that the contents of the box stay durable and new always.

Interior is fitted with Foam

The inside of the box is laced with a thick layer of foam. The foam is in four pieces and protects the content of the box from knock and friction. Such a protective fitting ensures that the content, e.g., a handgun is safe and in excellent condition. The necessity of using the foam layer is to ensure that there is no sound made by contents inside the box during any movement. The scratch protection that the foam lining provides ensures that contents of the case remain durable.

CADOJ Approved

The SnapSafe Pistol is approved by the Bureau of firearms (CADOJ) hence it is safe to carry a gun inside the box and move with it around. However, it is important to note that such an approval does not mean one can take the box around in foreign countries if there is a gun inside. The California Department of Justice is a body that ensures proper storage and use of firearms without its exposure to the public, children or theft.

Security Cable

The box has a 1500 lb. long security cable that is made of steel and operates on a 100 percent steel mechanism. It is important to note that the cable cannot bypass the key lock and should only complement it. The 100% steel cable provides additional security since one uses it to tether the box to a stationary object like a steering wheel that is not moved from one place to the other. When the owner fits the cable’s small end into the safe, the other end will prevent someone from removing the box and going with it.

Simple Operation of the Key locks System

The key lock system is the ultimate security device for the SnapSafe Pistol. The owner of the box uses the provided the key to open the case and extract the content. Anyone who is not authorized to operate the box will be forced to break it open, which would not be easy because of the thick steel casing of the box. It is only on rare occasions that the box can be shipped without the key, forcing the buyer to open it forcefully. It is advisable never to forget the keys when one moves with the case. The key lock system makes the box discreet, safe and portable.

The Box meets the requirements of the TSA

The case is approved and rated by the TSA. The box does not violate the TSA airline guidelines concerning firearms, so one can move with it and transport it together with the luggage. An individual can, therefore, buy the box from eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba or sell it on any trusted online forum without feeling uneasy. Travelling with the box to other countries, however, is risky especially if the given state does not recognize the rating and approval of the TSA.

SentrySafe Pistol Gun Safe – Videos


  • There is memory foam that acts as lining and protection inside the box.
  • The DOJ certified the product.
  • One can only use a key to open the case.
  • The steel cable is used for additional protection.
  • The box has met both the legal and security requirements, e.g., TSA.
  • The box is made up of high-intensity steel metal (16-gauge).
  • It is portable.


  • The box slides a bit because of the paddling.
  • Sometimes the box can be shipped without key, and the buyer might open it forcefully.


Q: How do I use the security cable?A: First of all, you need to find some fixed surface and loop it. Make sure that nobody can remove the fixed cover. You can then fit the cable’s small end into the safe. The other end will prevent someone from removing the box and going with it.

Q: Can I quickly open it?A: It is not easy to open. You can only use the recommended tools to do so.

Q: Can I sell the gun safely?A: You can buy the gun safe from eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba but the gun can be sold on any trusted online forum.

Q: Can you give me a brief description of the dimensions?A: Well, the interior of SnapSafe Pistol is approximately 0.5 inches shorter than the exterior, which is about 6 x 9.5” x 1 A”. The cable and hinge occupy the space.

Final Verdict

The SnapSafe Pistol is the best equipment one can need when they like traveling with their pistols. It is advisable never to forget your keys when one moves with the case. The box is secure, discreet and portable wherever one goes. The case also has its rating from the TSA, and one can quickly check it with luggage without worrying even for once. However, not all countries recognize the scores from TSA, so one might be in problems if they carry it around in foreign countries. All in all, the SnapSafe Pistol is a reliable and safe utility that no one can easily break into and steal the contents.

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