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RPNB Pistol Gun Safe Review


The Snap Safe Lock Box is a portable and durable box designed to protect various items and valuables, like media cards, electronics, medicine, sensitive documents, passports, handguns and lots more. It can provide secure storage when you are traveling in a public vehicle or driving in your car. It is equally useful at nightstands and home. The heavy steel cable included ensures it can be secured to a stationary object, like an internal frame in a luggage or car seat. Conceal Carry permit holders will equally benefit from the security provided by RPNB Pistol Gun Safe. The construction is solid and built to last for long.

Features of the RPNB Pistol Gun Safe

Steel Construction

RPNB Pistol Gun Safe is built with 16-gauge powder-coated heavy steel, which adds to the security it can offer. It is, therefore, durable, long-lasting and can withstand damages. This choice of material prevents corrosion by keeping humidity and moisture at bay, thanks to the protective barrier offered by powder-coated steel. The steel construction equally promotes chip resistance; therefore, the RPNB Pistol Gun Safe will not corrode, scratch, chip, peel, or crack easily. Additionally, the steel construction confers on the RPNB Pistol Gun Safe an adequate resistance to the elements.

Size Varieties

The number and size of items you want to store in the RPNB Pistol Gun Safe can determine the size to buy. The largest size can hold more than one handgun and may also take in additional objects, like passports, medicine and important documents. However, portability reduces as size increases. All sizes are fitted with steel security cables and are pry-resistant. They also meet TSA airline firearm guidelines.


Both lock types feature 100% steel locking mechanism for durability and improved security. The locking mechanism is further supported by steel security cable. Additionally, the lock offers ultra-security to prevent thieves from accessing the items stored in the RPNB Pistol Gun Safe. You can retrofit the lock system to fit any particular use. The lock is equally easy to reprogram in case you forget the combination. Keep in mind that each box features different lock type.

Foamy Interior

The interior is layered with four pieces of foam, two each at the top and bottom, but no foam covers the metal area. The padding prevents damage to any of the items stored in the RPNB Pistol Gun Safe and protect them from scratch, chip, peel, or crack. It also ensures the contents can remain undisturbed while traveling. The foam can secure the guns and prevent the items in the box from rattling around while you are in motion. Moreover, the foam ensures the magazines, guns and other items in the box do not slide around.

TSA Airline Firearm Guideline compliance

RPNB Pistol Gun Safe is complaint with the TSA airline firearm guideline, which further makes it the best storage item for guns, magazines and such items. The guideline read in part that “…firearms must be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided container and transported as checked baggage only…” The secure combination or key fitted to the RPNB Pistol Gun Safe equally makes it compliant with the guideline. The box can be added to your checked baggage, which is the acceptable transportation means for firearm parts, like firing pins, bolts, clips, and magazine, all of which can be stores in RPNB Pistol Gun Safe.


RPNB Pistol Gun Safe is highly portable, thanks to its size. Its portability ensures it can be hidden from sight, especially when you find yourself in certain public places where guns are not permitted; examples of such places are concerts, sports venues, federal court facilities, post offices, federal prisons, national cemeteries, and aircrafts. Its portability also comes in handy when traveling to states where guns are not allowed or there are strict laws against firearms, like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maryland, Hawaii, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and California.

RPNB Pistol Gun Safe – Videos


  • It is sturdy and serves its purpose well.
  • It is made using a high-quality material, like powder coated steel. The steel material is thick and contributes to the qualitative state of the box.
  • It can be easily hidden out of sight, making it the perfect hiding place for your guns, especially in places where guns are not permitted, like sports venues and concerts.
  • Additionally, it fits handguns of various sizes comfortably.
  • Its defiant and tough hinges make it pry-resistant.
  • The interior has double padding, enabling easy fit for specific objects.
  • It features a 100% steel locking mechanism.
  • The Iockbox is not impeded by the patented cable.
  • Furthermore, the box is CADOJ approved and meets TSA Airline Firearm Guidelines.
  • Also, it comes in varieties of sizes and its key lock is very easy to operate.
  • It is highly portable and inexpensive.
  • There is adequate room inside, even for spare ammunition, paperwork, and sidearm.
  • No deformation or wobbling is ever experienced even when the ammunition box is thick.
  • The box can remain closed even when it is not locked.
  • It works perfectly as stow away for arms and equally functions as a travel box.


  • It is somewhat too heavy for an item supposed to be portable
  • The security strap is difficult to close when moving the Iockbox from place to place; it is also a bit unwieldy
  • The locking mechanism sometimes fails to turn when the Iockbox is closed.
  • Not the best choice if you have kids at home; it is secure, but not super secure
  • The paint may peel off after protracted use.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it TSA certified?A: Yes, it is TSA certified. They can open the box for inspection very easily. At times, the TSA may not even look into the box, but simply ask you to confirm if the firearm is not loaded.

Q: Is it approved for DOJ-California?A: Yes, it is

Q: Can it contain mobile devices?A: Yes, it can contain mobile devices, like Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Plus

Q: Can the foam be removed?A: The foam is glued in, but you can remove it by peeling it up carefully.


RPNB Pistol Gun Safe can offer adequate security for firearms and other items, like media cards, electronics, medicine, sensitive documents, passports and so on. While it has several merits, it also has some demerits. Be that as it may, the demerits are inconsequential and will not prevent the functionality of the box. For example, locking mechanism failure does not occur frequently. Even if you have kids at home, you can still keep your firearm secure in the RPNB Pistol Gun Safe by locking the box using either the combination or key.

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