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GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe Review


Then, consider the GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe which is incredibly compact, lightweight and specifically designed to make portable security convenient and simple. Gunvault’s patented No-Eyes Keypad technology guarantees lightning-quick access. The precise fittings and the state-of-the-art high strength lock mechanism is virtually impossible to break into with hand tools.

The exterior is intricately constructed using 20-heavy gauge steel for durability and enhanced strength. On the other the interior is made up of a soft foam lining that comfortably cushions your gun. This is a detailed review.

Features of the GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe

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No-Eyes Keypad

This unique safe is primarily opened using Gunvault’s unique and advanced no-eyes keypad which is conveniently located on the top section of the safe. It can easily be programmed by a user to store a secret code.

Since the keypad can help produce an excess of 12 million different combination variations, this is an extremely safe way to keep your hand gun safe. To open the safe, all the user needs to do is place fingers on the 4 buttons and then input the unique combination code.

20 Gauge steel housing

This unique gun vault features exceptional robust exterior construction using rock solid heavy gauge steel which is currently the best in the market. This kind of steel offers the best security since it does not only provide extended functionality but also guarantees high impact force resistance.

The robust nature of 20 Gauge steel renders this safe indestructible and virtually impossible to break into using hand tools. As a result the GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe is a much stiff, sturdy and robust box that cannot be dented by unapproved persons.

State-of-the-art tamper detection feature

The manufacture demonstrates their commitment to excellence by including a unique tamper detection feature n this safe. A tamper detect mechanism is conveniently fitted to the keyboard. It automatically locks the keypad when more than 24 incorrect entries are inputted on the keypad.

After 24 incorrect entries the safe goes into sleep mode for a period of two minutes. If any keypad buttons are pressed during this two-minute period, the safe beeps to alert the registered user of unauthorized attempts to access the vault.

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Interior Foam Construction to guarantee safety of valuables

While the exterior is made from robust 20-gauge steel housing, the interior features a cushy foam construction design that ensures a user’s delicate valuables are safe from any potential damage.

Additionally, the interior form construction also helps protect valuables stored inside the safe from rattling especially when the safe is being moved from one location to another. The type of interior foam construction in this safe has been tested and proven to showcase optimal impact resistance when exposed to immense force.

Foolproof security features

The lock that is used on this portable and lightweight safe is the ultra-reliable high-strength version that is meant to ensure the safe is impossible to break into. The exterior is intricately constructed is such a way that there are no weaknesses that an unapproved person can exploit to pry open the safe.

The precise fittings create a foolproof safe that is virtually impossible to access forcibly. Another exceptional security feature is the built-in computer blocks which render the safe impenetrable after repeated keypad entries.

Extremely portable

The manufacturer manages to give the user the best of both worlds which is advanced safety without jeopardizing on user-friendliness and convenience. The 20 gauge steel housing that is use to make the exterior of this impressive safe is robust and sturdy but still very lightweight.

Additionally, the interior form material is also extremely light. The end result is a safe that safely houses a user’s valuable and is still lightweight enough to carry around from one location to another without causing any inconvenience to the user.

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  • This safe can easily be mounted in any location
  • Extremely user-friendly therefore operating it is neither technical or burdensome
  • The robust exterior construction creates a safe that is virtually impenetrable hence cannot not be easily broken or even dented
  • Interior construction is tough and sturdy but still safe enough to house valuables to hinder them from damage during transit


  • The 9V battery requires constant recharging which can be burdensome for a busy user

Technical Details

  • Part Number: SV500
  • Item Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches
  • Item model number: SV 500
  • Batteries: 1 9V batteries required.
  • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes
  • Size: Combination
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Combination
  • Material: Steel
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Number Of Pieces: 1
  • Included Components: Gun Safe
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Batteries Required: Yes


Q: Which is the best battery to use for this safe?A: The manufacturer advises users to opt for all alkaline battery such as Energizer or Duracell which expire after around 5 years. This guarantees maximum efficiency and also ensures that the battery lasts long without needing replacement. Q: Does this safe come with any other useful locking mechanism or even a cable?A: Yes, this safe comes with a cable that is four inches long and also comes with an included IS. The security cable is unyielding and will help enhance the safety of your valuables. All you have to do is simply strap the cable inside the safe handles on the safe and on another item which also has handles.Q: What do I do when the battery unexpectedly dies and the keypad fails to accept the number that l input?A: The registered user can open the safe using the Emergency backup keyQ: Is it possible to fix the safe in a permanent location?A: Yes, you can mount this safe permanently on one location by simply drilling four holes at the base of the unit then bolting it to a heavy object such as the floor.

Q: Is it possible to mute the audio beeps that the safe makes?A: Yes, you can mute the audio beeps by pressing a mute button which is located on the topside of the unit.

Final Verdict

All things considered, the GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe is definitely a worthwhile purchase that is guaranteed to secure your valuables. The safety features and the robust constructions guarantee safety and help protect user’s valuables from access by unauthorized persons.

Unlike most safes in the current market, the interior form construction helps to ensure that any property stored inside remains safe when in transit. Considering its exceptional features and impressive functionality, this safe is still reasonably priced. It is a pretty great solution for keeping your firearms locked away from the kids and any other unauthorized access.

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