Ardwolf GS51 Portable Pistol Handgun Safe Review


    In these days of organized as well as unprovoked violence, one tends to have a handy pistol for self-protection in addition for the safe keep of the near and dear. The gun should be accessible and loaded for quick use – by the owner and not the intruder! The smart ones would keep their load guns stashed in a safe which could be placed near the bedside table. You should go for GS51 Portable Pistol Handgun Safe from the industry leader Ardwolf, a compact and lightweight safe which can be easily ported along as this kind of a gun is much important to specific uses.

    Features of the Ardwolf GS51 Portable Pistol Handgun Safe

    Ardwolf GS51 Portable Pistol Handgun Safe Review

    Sturdy Construction

    The portable safe weighing 4 lbs. measures 11 inches by 8.5 inches by 2.25 inches outside. The exterior construction made of 20-gauge steel makes it sturdy. The interior is soft with a foam lining to avoid any damage to the contents.

    This ensures that the firearms and other valuables kept inside do not get knocked around or suffer scratches. The materials are chosen and designed to meet the desired safety standards. The lid is claimed to be pry-proof against normal set of hand tools as far as it is well known ever by a number of people who are much concerned in this.

    Portable and Mountable

    The safe which is top-opening is primarily useful for its portability. However, it can also be securely mounted in a drawer or a side table or fit it under a car seat.

    Using a steel security cable which is tested to 1500 lbs. strain, the safe can be mounted on stable fixtures. However, the accessibility factors should be kept in mind to facilitate its top-open feature as it is well known for its importance as far as it is known.

    Battery powered

    Operated through replaceable 9v battery and does not need connection to power grid. Alerts are given when the battery is drying down. The battery also provides power for the alarms as these alarms are also important feature to the gun.

    Access through codes

    An electronic 4-button keypad controls the high-strength lock. The combination lock can be programmed through easy-to-follow instructions. One entry means pressing one or more of the four buttons. One has to use at least three entries and can go up to a maximum of six entries. The pad is palm-shaped and the buttons which are at the finger tips have to be pressed in desired combinations.

    The user can put the palm on the pad and press the finger combinations by feel, even if there is very poor light or with eyes closed. It should be noted that this is not a fingerprint but a combination lock. The manufacturer claims that the user can set from one of the 12 million possible codes.

    Security against unauthorized access

    If somebody tries to access through guesswork, the system will fail if the correct code is not entered within 24 attempts. It will go into a lockdown for two minutes and will also flash a light to indicate that an unauthorized entry is being attempted.

    Access through invalid keypad entries is blocked by a built-in computer system. Considering that one has to choose from 12 million possible combinations, the probability is too low for mere guess or lucky chance. If the code is accidentally or intentionally shared, the owner could reprogram and reset the code. There are two override keys if the keypad fails.

    The manufacturer’s credibility Ardwolf

    Ardwolf GS51 Portable Pistol Handgun Safe is well known for the quality of the products. They use technological tested heavy gauge steels to provide a sturdy exterior for the safes while the soft protective foam lining ensures the safety of the guns and other objects kept inside. The lock mechanism of high strength and the fittings are of precise nature.

    Ardwolf GS51 Portable Pistol Handgun Safe – Videos


    • Interior foam protects the contents from scratch
    • Can be used to store not just pistol, but documents, gadgets and other valuables
    • If the safe under lock condition and battery dies, backup override keys to open and change the battery
    • Tamper proof against intrusion, with alerts through sound beeps and Blinking
    • High grade lock mechanism and security as its most important ever
    • Portable and can be used while traveling an be kept below car set and has even approval for air travel


    • Might feel heavy due to the high gauge steel construction
    • Need to change the 9v battery


    Q: What type of lock mechanism is available – fingerprint based or combination lock?A: Though the palm is kept against the pad, this is a combination lock and not finger-print based. The 4-inch long set up enables to press the access code using the fingertips on the buttons.Q: Does the safe need external power connection?A: No, it operates on an internal battery.Q: What happens if the internal battery dies while the safe is under lock?A: There is an emergency back-up key.Q: On battery failure, will the access code be lost?A: No. The access code is monitored through an in-built computer which has a non-volatile memory.Q: What happens if the input code is not accepted?A: The emergency backup key could be used.Q: Can the safe be fixed in some permanent location?A: It has holes in the base which could be bolted on to the mounting surface.

    Final Verdict

    Ardwolf GS51 Portable Pistol Handgun Safe offers a neat solution for the safe keep of your gun. It can have locked and kept handy while at home or office or while travelling. Convenient design with holes makes it possible to fix it under a car seat or other places, if desired and it majorly good for its specific uses. The security cable makes it steal-proof while the steel construction makes it tamper proof.

    The combination lock is easy to set and the codes are difficult to replicate by chance as this is most important ever to a number of people who are ready to use this. The finger slots and push button sequence mechanism can be easily handle even under poorly lit conditions and blindfold. All in all, the suggestion is “Step on the gun to keep it in this Safe”

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