The Gun Safety During Shooting


    Guns are exciting devices to have in your hands. A lot of fun can be derived from shooting at different objects. The flip side of the coin is that one wrong shot can result in dire consequences. Safe gun handling has been given a lot of emphasis and if the formulated rules are well heeded to then the number of accidents from guns will greatly reduce.

    Firearm’s accidents are some of the things that we have to deal with. Poor handling of the firearm is the main cause of this. Ideally the muzzle of your gun should only point at your target. Very few firearms accidents would be recorded if everyone followed this simple rule when shooting. This rule is extremely important as you load or unload your gun.

    Accidental discharges are common when handling riffles. Injuries that are associated which such accidents can be averted if your muzzle was pointed in a safe direction – one in which no one can be struck by a bullet. The safe direction could be up or down depending on the occasion. It is also important to note that bullets can easily go through ceilings and walls. Aiming at them while you shoot won’t be a very nice experience as you have no idea what or who would be found on the other side and what could be possibly hit. At the end of the day it is important to know that you are solely responsible for your gun. You should be in total control of the same at all times knowing which direction the muzzle is pointing.

    Gun Safety During Shooting

    Guns require the correct ammunition to function as efficiently as you would love them to- The likelihood of destroying your gun and inflicting critical injury on yourself is increased when you choose to use inappropriate ammunition. Don’t trust your experience when going out to get ammunition for use. Take time to go through the gun’s instruction manual and ensure that your time in the gun store is utilized properly as you search for appropriate ammunition.

    Make a point to always check out each and every cartridge you place in your gun. The amount of money you would have to spend repairing your gun or taking yourself to the hospital can be saved and better still used for other pressing issues if you take time to ensure that you are using the correct ammunition.

    Shooting, especially for leisure, is not done all the time. Small breaks are usually taken to reenergize the participant. During such breaks, the firearms should be unloaded. When not in use completely, the ammunition and the firearms should be separated from each other and stored separately and safely. Given that most children are usually very curious and they are not afraid to try out new things, sooner or later they will find their way to your gun. It is your responsibility to ensure that children do not get in contact with the firearm.

    It is important to note that a loaded gun should not leave the field. The less experienced firearm users tend to be safer compared to the more experienced ones as they will take time to ensure that gun has been emptied.

    It is important to employ common sense as you handle your gun. The presence of the gun safety should never be a license to lose your guard as you handle your firearm. Being a mechanical component, the gun safety can break down and cause serious havoc. An extremely strong blow on your gun can interfere with the firing mechanism of the gun causing it to fire even with the safety is still on. It is important to therefore exercise a lot of caution with the firearm to ensure that you are not a victim of its breakdown. In the case of competitions there is a high probability that the safety might be placed in a half-safe’ position. This might endanger the wellbeing of your competitors as well as yourself. Your finger should only be on the trigger when you are ready to shoot. At all other times it should be straight.

    The accuracy of gunshots is highly priced and greatly celebrated in many social circles. Obstruction in the barrel can reduce this accuracy. Worse still it interferes with gun safety as pressure within the barrel can increase causing it to burst immediately after a shot is taken. To prevent this from taking place, cleaning the bore should be one maintenance practice to be embraced and performed regularly. It is also important to check the barrel to ensure that there is no obstruction within it.

    Shooting glasses as well hearing protectors should be worn while shooting. Proper hearing can easily be damaged by exposure to the shooting sound. Apart from during shooting, protective eye glasses should also be worn when cleaning the gun as well as when assembling or disassembling the gun. This prevents the entry of a wide variety of agents into the eye. Sufficient protection of your eyes and ears guarantee an increased enjoyment of the shooting sport and makes the sport appear simpler.

    Different guns have different characteristics and should therefore not be handled in the same way. It is important to be well acquainted to the rifle you intend to use before going on to pull its trigger. It is important not to guess or transfer the knowledge from your previous interactions with a different gun to operate the one in your possession. Apart from proper use and handling of your device, it is also necessary to understand how your gun can be stored and kept in good condition.

    No matter how long you’ve interacted with guns and the vast experience you’ve acquired over time, do not underestimate the basic principles of handling rifles. Your reliance on your experience can easily result in great harm to the people around you and to yourself. Second chances with guns do not exist. It is paramount that gun handlers pay close attention to their firearms to ensure that they have no regrets once they are with the shooting adventure. Prevention is better than cure. Handle your rifle in the best possible way and you won’t have to worry about accidents.

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