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SnapSafe Lockbox Combination Lock Steel Review


Manufactured by GunVauIt, the SnapSafe Lockbox Combination Lock Steel is among the top-rated handgun safes on the shelves today. With various outstanding features ranging from a super access technology, a tamper detection mechanism to a strong 20-gauge steel housing, this safe has proven to offer the best protection against any unauthorized access to stored valuables. Again, besides recording the number of invalid entries, the SnapSafe Lockbox alerts you that such attempts are being made through a beeping mechanism.

Through this safe, GunVauIt has managed to make portable gun security convenient and simple at the same time. Read on for a complete SnapSafe Lockbox Combination Lock Steel Review, and discover why it could be an essential addition to your home.

Features of the SnapSafe Lockbox Combination Lock Steel

SnapSafe Lockbox Combination Lock Steel Review

No-Eyes Keypad Technology

The safe opens primarily through SnapSafe patented No-Eyes Keypad which a user can program to store a key code. This technology allows you to access your gun even in darkness. All you need to do is place your fingers on safe’s four buttons and enter your unique code to access your pistol.

The keypad can produce over 12 million different code variations, which makes this product an extremely safe way to secure your weapon.

High strength

SnapSafe MVEDD has a well-built high-strength lock mechanism. The exterior is designed such that there are absolutely no purchase points that would make it easy for a thief to pry the gun safe open. The mechanism makes it impossible to open the safe with hand tools. The safe can only be opened with the No-Eyes Keypad or by use of the backup override keys.

This mechanism works reliably to ensure that your Combination and other essential valuables are safe and secure in your Lockbox Combination.

A 20-gauge steel housing

GunVauIt has again demonstrated an affinity for excellence and an obsession for progression by using a 20-gauge steel metal to construct the safe. This gives the safe a rock-solid construction that makes it more secure. Besides, the 20-gauge steel housing also ensures durability as this kind of steel is often ideal for high impact resistance. Such a robust construction makes this product a top contender among the best gun safes available on the shelves today.

Tamper detection

The keyboard of this safe has tamper detection mechanism fitted on it. If a person makes more than 24 incorrect entries on the safe’s keypad, the tamper detection mechanism will lock the keypad automatically. The safe then turns into sleep mode for up to 2 minutes during which time it will keep producing beeping sounds if any buttons are touched. This is to alert the safe’s registered user that someone is making unauthorized attempts to access the valuables inside.

Multiple access modes

As noted earlier, the safe has two ways to open it; using the No-Eyes Keypad or by use of a backup physical key. You use the latter if you have forgotten your access code. The safe has a biometric algorithm that records and updates your fingerprints so that you can always access your weapon even as you grow old.

It is important to mention that each of the two methods of accessing the safe is independent of the other. This avoids any confusion during, for instance, an emergency situation when you are trying to secure your handgun.

An interior foam and a 9-volt battery

The interior has a foam construction design which protects valuables that may be delicate (such as jewelry) from any form of damage besides also preventing rattling. The 9 volts battery powers the safe. It can work for over a year sustaining such functions as the beeping mechanism which is a very significant feature.

It is also worth mentioning that the SnapSafe Lockbox Combination Lock Steel has sufficient storage space, enough to safely store your gun, several bullets, and a magazine. The safe is also lightweight which makes it portable.

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  • Has sturdy and robust material which makes it highly secure
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has enough storage space to hold a gun and up to three magazines
  • No-Eyes Keypad makes access easy
  • Features an Interior foam construction
  • Comes with a security cable
  • Durable and reliable
  • Cost-effective
  • Quality overall design


  • It cannot withstand a dedicated attack with tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the SnapSafe Lockbox Combination Lock Steel fit a SlG P226, and a Gluck 22?A: Yes, it can. Given its, small size, it does not take too much space. It fits well in the trunk or even under a seat.Q: Can I program it with multiple sets of fingerprints, say two sets?A: Yes, this is possible. It is more of a combination lock, not precisely a fingerprint reader. The both of you only need to knew the unlock combo.Q: If the battery fails, will the programmed access code be lost?A: No. Even after the battery fails, you will not lose your access code. You will be able to access your safe as usual when you recharge the battery or get a new one.Q: What happens if my access code is not accepted?A: You can open your safe with your backup override key.Q: Can I mute the audio beeps?A: Yes, you can. There is a mute button on the unit.Q: I Can l permanently fix it somewhere in my house?A: Yes, this is possible. Drill four holes in unit’s base and then bolt it to, say, the floor or some other heavy object.

Q: Does the safe come with a security cable?A: Yes, it comes with a 4-ineh cable with IS included.

Final Verdict

The SnapSafe Lockbox Combination Lock Steel offers you an ideal solution to keeping your weapon and other valuables safe and away from the reach of kids. With its features and aesthetic look, this safe can be a worthwhile investment to meet your gun safety needs.

There is hardly any room for improvisation or poor decision-making when it comes securing your gun. This product can be a cost-effective way to secure your weapon. GunVauIt is a trusted, safe manufacturer, so you are sure to get a quality product, and hence value for your money.

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