SnapSafe Lock Box Review


    Many reasons necessitate your need for a safe box. People who have children buy them with the intention of keeping their valuables away from the kids. It is also a great place to store your gun and deny children access to your weapon when in the house or your car. Having a safe box is being responsible parent and citizen. Anytime you leave your gun in the car, safely locked in the SnapSafe Lock Box, you lower the chances of illegal gun operators getting access to a firearm. You make the community and the country a safer place.

    Features of the SnapSafe Lock Box

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    It is a sturdy box made of steel

    It is made of 16 or 18-gauge steel material. With that kind of construction, the box is strong enough to secure your valuables and still has a manageable weight to carry around. According to customer reviews from Amazon, most found the both very durable and impenetrable. The box is big enough to accommodate your handgun and still leave some room for your passport or wallet. The steel is hard to break.

    Protective foam lines on the inner side

    The box is fully lined with foam on both sides. The primary purpose of the foam is to ensure that your valuables remain intact. You do not want to carry a gun inside a box that is moving inside the box. Neither do you want to discolor your jewelry.

    The foam can be reduced on one side to give you more room for many items. It is also safe to remove the foams on both sides when your valuables occupy all the space in the box leaving no room for movement as you transit foam one location to another.

    Equipped with a 15lb test steel security cable

    The purpose of this robust and durable cord is to secure the lock box onto something. If the box is by your bedside, then you can secure it on your bed or any other stationary furniture in your bedroom. When carrying the lock box around in your car, secure it on the car seat especially if you are going to leave it in the car once you park.

    The steel material used to make the cable is resistant to simple breakage. If your car or home is attacked, then the thieves must have special tools to succeed in cutting the cable. If the cable gets old or if it is short, you can replace it to suit your security needs.

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    The lock box has two keys and a sturdy hinge

    SnapSafe Lock Box has two keys, and the hinges are robust and flexible at the same time. Even when the box is full, the hinges ensure that it is closed even before you lock it. The keys provided ensure that you have a spare key in case one is lost.

    The keys operate as expected, no instances of jamming. Many customers who have bought the piece are pleased. The lock box is affordable yet very elegant and appealing to the eye.

    It is a multi-purpose safe lock box

    As if portability was not enough, the box is also very versatile. You can carry your handgun, jewelry, money, medicine, passport and any other sensitive documents. The versatility allows you to buy only one box or two. When you are not carrying your passports, then you are securing your gun in the box and vice versa. You do not want your deeds to end up in the hands of your children.

    Approved by TSA and Other Authorities in most States

    Due to the strength and safety parameters available in the box, it has met all the TSA travel and safety guidelines. You can bring your firearm to your fight as long as you have a SnapSafe Lock Box. The Box is also approved by state governments such as California Department of Justice. Even if you only intend to use the box I the house, it feels better to know that your gears are approved.

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    What We Liked

    • It is portable.
    • Made of strong material.
    • Capable of housing different objects and documents.
    • It locks well.
    • Has enough room to that can fit your gun and other slim items.
    • Suitable for people traveling by air.
    • It is relatively affordable.

    What We Didn’t Like

    • The delivered piece does not come with instructions f how to reset the lock code.
    • Some people find it heavy.
    • Can easily be opened by “bad guys” or even children at home with other keys or a hairclip and a screwdriver.
    • Too small for those with bigger handguns such as a 9mm.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do you ship to Canada and Hawaii?A: Do not fear to order just because you are not in North American states. We ship to Canada and Huawei based on per quote basis.

    Q: How long is the security cable?A: The steel cable is 3 feet long.

    Q: Is it possible to get an extra pair of keys and from where?A: It is possible, all you have to do is contact SnapSafe through their contacts which are available online.

    Q: ls the Lock available in different sizes?A: The box is available in 6.5 by 9.5 by 1.75 and 10 by? by 2 inches among other sizes. Order the one that will fit your firearms or documents.

    Q: Is it safe to travel around with my gun inside the box?A: Yes, the SnapSafe lock box is TSA approved for air travel. California Department of justice also recommends it.

    Final Verdict

    With all the features mentioned above of a SnapSafe Lock Box, you can have some peace of mind knowing that your valuables are protected. Your expensive pieces of jewelry and other valuables are guarded and can’t get scratches because the foam inside the box forms a protective layer on both sides. The ox allows you to change the lock combinations as you wish. The portability offered by the SnapSafe Lock Box makes it possible to carry your gun and protect yourself everywhere.

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