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Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe Review


If you own a firearm, one of the requirements is to keep it safe. The Gunvault XL MVB1000 Microvault Gun Safe is a great choice if you need a reliable case to store your gun. This safe has been made with a state-of-the-art locking system that doesn’t require any key. Also, it is made of a heavy-gauge steel case that is easily portable as well.

The digital lock system allows you use a unique key code that you enter secretively. Here is a detailed Gunvault XL MVB1000 Microvault Gun Safe Review to help you learn more about the product.

Features of the Gunvault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe Review

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Sturdy Case/Lock

The case is made of a 20-gauge steel housing, which is strong enough to withstand any falls and knocks. This also means that it will not be broken easily by any means. Other than the housing, it also comes with a strong lock that is extra reliable. The combination of the strong lock and case assures you of a gun safe that is robbery and tamper resistant.

Also, it cannot be opened easily using regular hand tools. For that, you will have a strong and safe case that won’t be broken easily.

No-Eyes Keypad

The case has a No-Eye Keypad, which means that you will not hate to worry about someone looking at the unlock code as you key them in. The keypad is placed on top of the case and designed in the shape of four fingers. All you’ll have to do is place your fingers, enter the customized code, and the case will open.

Even in a low-lit environment, you can still open the case without any difficulty. Once you place your fingers, you can easily input the code with your fingertips.

Theft/Unauthorized Access Detection

Another great feature of this case is that it comes with a tamper detection mechanism. This is linked to the keypad, and it will alert the registered user if there are over 24 wrong entries made. After the 24 wrong entries, the safe will automatically switch to the sleep mode for like two minutes. The user will be alerted if further attempts are made during the sleep mode.

Even when there is no any forceful entry to the safe, the digital lock system assures you that no unauthorized entry is allowed.

Backup Override Keys/Security Cable

Other than the high-tech lock system, the case also has extra backup override keys. These keys allow you to access the safe without the need for the digital unlocking process. if you have forgotten the pass code or in times of an emergency, you can use the backup override keys to open the case.

If you are not satisfied with the sturdy lock system, you can secure the case to any location with the security cable. This way, no one would open the case or move it without your consent.

Ample Storage Space

If you have you’re a few rounds, you can easily store them in this case. The case is made with sufficient space to let you store the gun, the bullets, as well as the magazine. You may also store other valuables like your documents or jewelry.

You don’t have to purchase a different storage case for the rounds and the magazine. This case got you covered with its ample storage space.

Interior foam

It is good to keep your firearm safely. On the other hand, it is also good to maintain its sleek design without too many scratches. Thanks to the Gunvault XL MVB1000 Microvault Gun Safe, you can store your gun without worrying about any scratches.

The case has an interior foam design, which will protect your gun and other valuables. The ample storage space can be used to store jewelry, and the foam construction will protect them from damages.

9-Volt Battery

The case runs on a 9-volt battery, which is powerful and reliable enough. The battery is the one that powers the lock mechanism of the case. Also, it ensures that the case alerts the user whenever there are a tamper attempt and unauthorized entry.

The case has an LED light, which indicates when the battery is low. The battery can last for up to 12 months. However, this will depend on how frequent you use the case. All in all, it is a strong battery that can serve you well.

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  • It is strong and durable
  • It is made of a heavy-gauge steel that is also portable. High-tech lock system Easy to operate no-eye keypad
  • Backup override keys for emergency entry
  • Tamper recognition system
  • Ample storage space to keep your guns, magazine, and other valuables
  • Extra security cable for extra security


  • Some users think it is slightly have


Q: Is it fingerprint-sensitive, and can you program more than one set of fingerprints?A: Basically, the safe is designed with a fingerprint style, but it doesn’t work with the fingerprint mechanism. It is simply a code-operated lock, which allows you to input the codes by pressing the buttons with your fingertips.

Q: What if The Battery Dies?A: You don’t have to worry about that. Typically, the keypad will not accept the codes if the battery is dead. The good thing is that you have the backup emergency key for manual access.

Q: Does It Lose Memory When the Battery Dies?A: You don’t have to worry if the battery dies. Your saved access code will be retained all along.


You will benefit a lot from the Gunvault XL MVB1000 Microvault Gun Safe. It is a unique safe that is built to withstand any possible tamper or breakage. It has been designed to store your gun, along with the bullets and magazine. Also, you can store other valuables without any problem. The interior foam will keep them safe from any damage. The safe comes with a heavy-gauge steel construction, a digital lock mechanism, and a security cable. All these assures you of extra safety with your firearm. If the digital lock system fails, the case has an emergency key that is equally reliable.

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