Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe Biometric Fingerprint Review


    Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 gun safe Biometric fingerprint and GunVauIts Rifle storage with the latest model focuses on keeping your firearms secure and protected. The storage facilities are made with modern day’s innovation- The sole reason why we should discuss guns is for you to be competent of what you are talking about the next time that subject comes along.

    People have tried their best to talk over this matter about handling guns, owning and how to use them. All this wrapped in one topic of gun safety, this article has purposed to provide you the knowledge you need to know about guns and their safe storage. 

    Features of the Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe Biometric Fingerprint

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    What is a Gun?

    A gun is also referred to as a rifer. A rifer existed a long time ago in the 13th century. The rifle was used to frighten wild animals from attacking domestic animals. A little technological advancement was made of and the guns become most used and a little more powerful by the 160os. By the start of the 170os, the firearms had become most powerful weapons until today.A gun is a metal tube that fires projectiles in a relatively high velocity when in use. It is used for military purposes, by watchmen, hunters etc. for a gun to fire it has to have bullets, and sometimes the ability to fire hard depends on a person’s strength.

    How to Own a Gun

    For a long time, a lot of people have wondered whether it’s legal for one to possess a gun. The good news to you is that the gun safety act states that anyone with no allegations of a criminal record can comfortably own a gun. Again, provided you register possession of a gun following the terms and conditions stated in the constitution one shall own a gun. One can legally own a gun by registration only.


    The law requires gun owners to register their possession of firearms to aid the law to solve crimes and acts of terrorism in a country. Registration of a gun entails a possessor to give his background information about the reasons as to why you would like to own a gun, for valid reasons one is made accountable for the gun he is purchased.

    Registration of guns is the right channel to own a gun. The act of registration encourages gun safety rules. It discourages illegitimate gun sales that are charged and considered an act of terrorism.

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    Gun Owner Accountability

    The registration rule aids in avoiding illegal gun sales. An illegal possessor knows for sure that the law implementation has the capability to trace back a stolen firearm. If your gun was recovered to have been used been by a terrorist, you must answer why you did not report that, since you are competent of the gun safety rules.

    Legal possessors are placed accountable for the firearm they purchase; in case the item gets lost accidentally they are advised to notify the law, failure to do that one may be suspected to have encouraged criminal acts. Therefore, one is encouraged to store his gun in a very secret place so as to escape theft. Most importantly about gun safety as well as registration laws and membership is that it discourages gun trafficking and a: straw purchases.

    Gun Trafficking and Straw Purchases

    This is a very common act that involves a licensed person purchasing a firearm for a criminal or terrorist. These people don’t have the knowledge base of how gun safety measures are applied. lt is true to say that this is ridiculing the law since one may not think about being lied to and mocked that bad. The ineligible people must acquire guns in this straw purchase method since they are afraid of being traced on buying the guns from an illegal store.

    What is Gun Safety?

    Gun safety is an action of safely handling a gun while in use and not in use. For gun owners, this is a topic that they consider very important. It is a lesson that all owners should keenly discern to get educated about before handling any type of a gun. This lesson ensures that a person is an expert in matters revolving the entire gun world. Below are some of the rules of gun safety.

    Top Four Rules of Gun Safety

    These rules were set up to safeguard the misfortunes that may occur if one handled guns wrongly. In case the rules were followed to the letter one can be sure that no accidents will occur to you while handling your gun.

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    • Precise fittings guarantee this safe impossible to open using hand tools
    • Features backdrop override keys that help users in case the battery dies
    • Firearm can easily be accessed in case of an emergency


    • NOT RELIABLE For home defense emergencies

    Technical Details

    • Product Dimensions: 12 x 10.5 x 3.5 inches
    • Part Number: GVMVB1000
    • Item Weight: 8 pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 8.6 pounds
    • Item model number: MVB 1000
    • Batteries: 1 9V batteries required.
    • Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes
    • Size: 8″H x 5″W x 12″D
    • Color: Black
    • Style: Biometric
    • Item Package Quantity: 1
    • Number of Pieces: 1
    • Included Components: 1500 Hunting, Airsoft and Paintball, 1690 Gun
    • Cases, 1690 gun-cases
    • Batteries Included: No
    • Batteries Required: Yes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Know that the gun is always loadedA: There is no exception to this rule. Whenever you are handling a gun may be yours or your friends. Pick it up and very safely ensure that the gun is loaded or not. When you give out your gun to some folks for some shooting, after the exercise is over take your time to know whether the gun is loaded or not. This is a sure way you avoid accidents that come along when you least expect it.Q: What are the interior dimensions?A: 11.75″ x 8.5″ x 2.75″

    Final Verdict

    After safely checking the state of your gun whether loaded or not and found out that it is loaded, don’t you go an extra mile of being inconsiderate about using it carefully? Handle it, use it with care, don’t lightheartedly look down at the item you are holding. It is a matter of life and death.

    About this second rule put into your mind the first rule that the gun is ALWAYS loaded. Never aim it at something that you don’t want to terminate. Most importantly, never point it at somebody, unless for security purposes though if you have a better choice than that make use of it.

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