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Gun Safety Tips and Measures For You


It is essential to know the guidelines for handling firearms. The set guidelines that do apply in handling firearms is gun safety. The key intention of gun safety is to reduce the occurrence of accidental deaths, damage to property or injuries that usually occur due to improper handling of guns. People need to observe all safety rules at the time of using and when guns are not in use.

This way, we intend to prevent accidental discharge of the guns or access to it. Preventive access serves the purpose to protect the gun you may be owning from theft. It is always advisable for gun owners to observe every safety guidelines to help keep an individual and anyone around safe from any tragic gun accident. Here are basic safety rules to be known;

Gun Safety Tips and Measures

1. Only point a firearm at something you are willing to destroy

The first and most crucial safety guideline you will learn at your gun safety course is to only point a firearm to something you may be willing to destroy. This is the primary rule that an individual with a gun should uphold. It should be followed on well for the rest of the rules to go on well.

All that is emphasized here is that, as long as an individual point a gun either loaded or unloaded willing to destroy something, then an accident can’t happen regardless of circumstances. The gun should ever remain pointed down toward the ground whenever walking around. Individuals owning guns should follow this rule with all accuracy at all times for the rule to function correctly.

2. Treat every gun as if it were loaded

You should know that every gun is loaded and always ready to fire at all times. There exist no such a thing that there is a safe gun. This is an important thing that all new gun owners should know. Every gun is always ready to fire even if disassembled for months, and it doesn’t matter whether the safety of your gun is on, and also yet if the gun had stopped to produce ammunition for quite some time for that particular gun model.

Overkill is necessary for complete safety with this rule. Usually, most gun owners like to keep their guns unloaded and apparently the safety of the gun is on. With this case, the gun is mechanically impossible to fire. An individual may a gun loaded at one time and they may likely to treat it like the time the gun is unloaded. So many accidents have been reported to happen where shooters were sure their guns were unloaded but unfortunately to find out the gun was loaded after the accident. 

3. Be certain of your target and what is beyond it

For instance, for hunters out to hunt, some may usually take aim at any type of movement and sound they notice. This is not right at all since you may find the movement or sound may be coming from someone in a hike or another hunter. It is always good to point a firearm exactly to your target. Don’t raise your rifle to use the optical scope as a device for verifying what you were after.

All that is needed is carrying out a set of binoculars to help you verify your target safely prior to having your gun pointing to it. You should be sure what may be behind your target. You should harm only what you intended to. This is an important rule to note since some rifles usually fires up to one thousand yards or more. It can turn tragic to anything in the neighborhood that you may not be seeing for any occurrence of missed shots. Consider exploring your ground more extensively and be sure of all your surroundings.

4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire

This is also a rule that gun owners should know since many firearm-related accidents are reported every year. Every time an individual pick up a firearm sticks to the trigger finger that is inside the trigger guard. This is a habit that most people get themselves into all times whenever they handle guns. This is a habit that can be avoided as fast as possible since a gun can easily cause a negligent discharge when it is inadvertently set off.

The trigger finger of a shooter should always settle along the side of a gun until the time a shot is desired. Once one is ready to take a shot, the trigger finger can quietly, fast and efficiently move into the guard of the gun and in the blink of an eye to the trigger to take a shot. You will avoid some mistakes that seems to be less in causing accidental injuries and death or destruction of property. 

5. Disassembly

This is the situation where you disassemble your gun and store the parts of the gun in different places. However, this will be inconvenient during emergencies when you will need quick access to your gun. You can also do this through the use of locks but though, locks may be less efficient. The reason for them being less compelling is that they can be manipulated more easily even than the gun safes. Locks can be bypassed by thieves after stealing a locked gun.

Using gun safes to secure unused firearms is the most efficient way to choose. Gun safes are mainly used to avoid access to the gun physically. Gun safes also eliminate the occurrence of accidents and theft. Guns should be kept away from rich of children since they may mistake them with toys and even you find them firing them. Consider using the gun safes to store your gun when it is not in use. When choosing a gun safe, consider a quality one that serves its purpose.


These are some of the simple gun safety precautions every gun owner should follow. They should be regularly practiced to get used to them. Never take chances. Improper handling of guns can cause accidental deaths, injuries, and damage to property.

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