Gun Safety and Precaution Ultimate Guide


    Many lives and properties are damaged and destroyed by the improper use of guns; this underscores the dire need for gun safety. Unintentional shooting and letting guns in the hands of unauthorized folks cause a great harm. The 2010 statistics on gun deaths and injuries showed that unintentional shooting, homicides and gun-related suicides took up to 31,076 lives; this corresponds to three deaths in each hour and 85 deaths per day.

    According to the New York Times, the death rate for gun homicides in the United States is about 31 per million people; this corresponds to 27 deaths per day. Gun related violence is widespread in the US. Today (such as the Orlando attack) and also occurs in other countries.

    Gun Safety and Precaution

    Why Gun Safety

    As pointed out above, gun-related violence is increasingly occurring today as shown by gun safety statistics. With proper precautions and gun safety guidelines, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of such violence dramatically. There are a few online courses that offer information on gun safety and help us to follow the appropriate precautions when necessary.

    Enrolling for NRA gun safety course online is one of the easiest ways to learn the various precautions to the use of a gun and to keep it away from unauthorized folks. However, an overview of vital information on gun safety will help you to follow know the basic gun safety information and therefore stay safe.

    NRA Gun Safety Guidelines and Rules

    The guidelines for gun safety provided by NRA shows how to effectively handle, store and use guns. NRA is a body that provides education on the use of firearms including guns, carbines, rifles and fire lances. The gun safety information provided by NRA is relevant for both amateur and professional users of guns. They sharpen and enhance your gun handling skills and also keep your family safe. The information also lends ideas, tips, and practices to store and clean guns. Some of the well-established rules for efficient handling of guns are shortly outlined.

    Ensure that Guns are Always Pointed in a Safe Direction

    One of the most basic among the rules for gun safety is pointing the gun in a safe direction. However, determination of a safe direction is entirely subjective and should be done with common sense. Meticulousness is required in the use of guns; this is highly advocated in this rule and other rules of gun safety.

    Do not Place Your Finger on the Trigger Unless You are Ready to ShootUnintentional shooting usually occurs when you do not follow this rule. However, by meticulously keeping your fingers away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot, you can prevent such a menace from occurring. Gun safety advocates that you should place your finger outside the trigger guard and along the frame.

    Unload the Gun Until You are Ready to Use it

    Loading the gun even when you are not ready to use it can pose a serious danger. Always ensure you unload the gun until you are ready to use it. Before using the gun, it is advised that you know how to inspect its chambers and open the action. It is better to get adequate information on gun usage before making use of it.

    Have a Clear View of Your Target and Objects Behind it Before ShootingBullets have the ability to pass through the targets and hit objects behind. Besides, an imperfect shoot can hit a different target. A primary rule for gun safety is to observe the area you want to target and objects behind it before ever firing. Make sure you think before you shoot.

    Ensure the gun is in Good condition

    It is important to properly access the gun to ensure that it is in good condition. Appropriate maintenance of guns will keep it functioning optimally. One way to ensure that the gun is functioning properly is to clean it regularly. You also need to store the gun in safe places and away from the reach of unauthorized users.

    Protect Your Eyes and Ears When Shooting

    Hot gases and debris may be emitted from the gun when shooting so it makes sense to protect the eyes and ears before shooting. This rule does not apply only to the shooter but the spectators are advised to properly protect themselves from gases and debris. Furthermore, ear damage could also occur due to the loud noise that occurs when the gun is shot. It is advised that you wear the proper hearing protection and shooting glasses before firing the gun.

    The Relevance of Gun cleaning

    One of the top ten rules of gun safety is appropriate cleaning. Cleaning will help the gun to function properly and safely. Guns and firearms have to be cleaned regularly. The gun should not only be cleaned regularly but also it has to be cleaned each time after its use. Proper care of the gun will keep it functional for a long time. This will not only extend the life of the gun but also the value of the gun will be dramatically improved.

    Furthermore, when stored for a long time, grease, dirt, and moisture tend to accumulate in it and make it malfunction; thus, the gun should be properly cleaned before it is used, especially when it has been stored for a long time. Moreover, unload the gun before cleaning it; this is an important precautionary step that will help keep you safe when handling the gun.

    Use the Right Ammunition

    Using the wrong ammunition for a gun can make it very unsafe. Never fire a gun with the wrong ammunition else it may be catastrophic. Interestingly, it is easy to identify the right ammunition for a gun. The ammunition for a gun is usually stamped on the barrel. The box usually specifies the type of cartridge, pellets, 88s, and shells that would go with the gun; make sure you stick to them as much as possible.


    Safety is a very important in the society today. It is important to pay keen attention to gun safety especially with the gun rights in the United States. You can get printable gun safety rules to keep tabs on the safety guidelines and precautions.

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