BCP Large 5 Rifle Digital Gun Safe Electronic Lock Storage Steel Cabinet Firearm Review


    The Large 5 Rifle Digital Gun Safe Electronic Lock Storage Steel Cabinet Firearm is made by BCP. The company has been in business for over forty years, and has partnered with Cannon; a company in business since 1965. Created with the presence in mind for gun safety, this cabinet’s design is to hold eight firearms. A tall cabinet with sleek design, the choice between black or green color, gives customers a way to customize. Now, it is time to examine some of the key features this safe has to offer. This will be followed up by pros, cons, and a FAQ section.

    Features of the BCP Large 5 Rifle Digital Gun Safe Electronic Lock Storage Steel Cabinet Firearm

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    Ready to Assemble

    This gun cabinet is ready to assemble upon delivery. Average times of up to one hour means this is not an overly complicated project. It is, however, reported that some people require a second set of hands to counter the awkward flimsiness of the steel panels. The bolts seem sturdy and of good quality. Total weight of the cabinet assembled is 55 pounds. It would not be easy for a young child to push this over. As an added bonus, the door can be mounted to either side. And the 3-point locking system is not too bad, either.

    3-point locking system

    The three-point locking system with double-bitted key-coded lock provides some extra security for a cabinet. Some people have reported being able to pick this lock, but no records show that this has, actually, been accomplished. It is important to remember this is a gun cabinet, and not an actual safe. As such, a three-point locking system the way this cabinet has been designed, is far more than enough to keep a young child from gaining access to the firearms within. It is to be noted that when assembling the cabinet, leave the key inside; as there have been reports that removing it will cause the lock to easily disassemble before it is placed in the door.

    Removable Steel Shelf and Barrel Rests

    This cabinet comes with a removable shelf and barrel rests. The shelf can be used for just about anything you may want to place inside of your gun cabinet; stowed away with your guns. It does not extend fully outward, so the space is somewhat limited. But for a cabinet, having an extra shelf is never a bad thing. Customers have, also, reported purchasing additional lockdown barrel rests for their own unique needs. There is the addition of foam at the bottom to help the guns rest protected and firm.

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    8 – Gun Capacity

    The cabinet is created with an eight-gun capacity in mind. This works well for shotguns and rifles having no scopes. Furthermore, bolt-action rifles will not fit eight at a time comfortably inside; five to six will. If the guns have thirty-inch long barrels, the shelf must be removed from the cabinet; in order for the height in spacing to clear. Other than this, the cabinet is reported to house eight guns just fine. The choice in firearms dictates how many can fit inside.


    This is a gun cabinet, and not a safe; at least, not in the regard that safes are normally considered. With 18-gauge steel, the cabinet will not do much by way in protecting against a fire. This, also, means that a determined intruder might not have too much trouble getting inside. A child, on the other hand, would have trouble attempting to get to the contents within. This makes this cabinet well worth the purchase for the price. Consider this cabinet more of a locker than a safe.


    Under $100.00, this cabinet is worth the buy. A great starter for the gun enthusiast, or a peace of mind for parents with young children, this cabinet proves its worth. If the desire is to have a stronger, more secure gun safe; then, spending money comes with the territory. For the price, this cabinet is exactly what is paid for; a cabinet. But as mentioned previously, this cabinet will keep young children out.


    • Great Price.
    • Can hold up to eight guns.
    • Has removable shelf.
    • Foam-lined bottom.
    • Three-point locking system.
    • Protection against young children from gaining access to firearms.


    • Determined intruder can gain access due to thin material.


    Q: Will this protect my guns from being accessed by my children?A: Yes. If the children are young age, this cabinet is sufficient. The most pleasing attribute about this cabinet is that is does keep young children from gaining access to the firearms. This makes this cabinet worth the purchase price.Q: Will this protect against fire?A: No. This cabinet’s construction is using 24-gauge steel; very thin in case of fire. As for something a little sturdier, this same company builds safes for just that sole purpose. When this cabinet was put together, I don’t believe they were attempting to get one over on the customer. I do believe; however, they did a great job at catering to the needs of those who might not be able to afford a $1,000.00 fireproof gun safe. This is, after all, an economical choice.Q: Will my guns be safe from intruders?A: No. A determined intruder will not have much resistance between them and your firearms; as the build is much like a locker. If the concern is an intruder, a tougher gun safe should be purchased. This same company has those, too.Q: ls this a good buy?A: Yes. For the price, this cabinet stands up to the test. It prevents young children from gaining access, and helps to organize your firearms. Customer satisfaction varies. Some are pleased with the ease of assembly while others complain that they need another person to help them piece it together. There are complaints that the build is not sturdy enough; yet, for the purchase price, a heavy-duty safe is not in the cards. The cost to build would far exceed the ability to sell for this same price.

    Final Verdict

    After careful consideration, this BCP Large 5 Rifle Digital Gun Safe Electronic Lock Storage Steel Cabinet Firearm Review finds the following:The cabinet is worth the purchase price. It is not to be considered a heavy-duty safe, or to keep out intruders from gaining access to firearms. The construction is 24-gauge steel with solid welds. Small children will be kept from firearms when using this cabinet, properly. The cabinet is not fire safe, and is not the choice for final rest of firearms. But this is a great buy as a starter-kit. The locking mechanism is great for a cabinet. Overall, the recommendation for this gun cabinet is good. It is a solid buy for the money.

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