10 Gun Safety Rules For Firearm Use


    Millions of people use guns every day throughout the year. However, the chances of injury are always there and can even result in death. It is for this simple reason that people should follow basic gun safety rules whenever they handle guns. Firearms come in different types such as handguns like pistols, revolvers, muzzleloaders, shotguns, air guns, and rifles among others.

    10 Gun Safety Rules For Firearm Use

    1. Always point your gun in a safe direction

    This is the bedrock for gun safety. Always point the gun in a safe direction to prevent causing injuries or to kill someone. Never point the gun at someone if you are not willing to take the shot because you can accidentally pull the trigger and cause serious harm to the person.

    2. Assume the gun is always loaded

    When someone informs you that the gun is not loaded, that is okay. However, do not believe them until you confirm it for yourself. Never blindly accept that the gun is not loaded without checking. It is better to be safe than dead. Make it your habit to check the gun no matter what the circumstances are and make it a habit. This inculcates good practice which ensures there are no surprises that can result in death or serious injury to your loved ones or friends.

    3. Always keep your fingers off the trigger

    This is a common safety rule. Nowadays there are many amateur shootings which arise due to distractions. When the finger is on the trigger, it is easy for someone to pull the trigger accidentally. Do not do it, leave your finger outside the trigger for safety reasons. Let the finger remain outside until you are finally ready to shoot. After shooting, move your finger back out of the gun trigger guard.

    4. Know your target always

    The target can be whatever you decide to shoot. The target can be an animal, intruder, birds or anything else. It is extremely important to know that shooting is a conscious decision. Never get lax. You must always know what you are shooting at and the things that are between you and your target or even what is beyond the target. Always pay attention to detail to avoid accidental shootings or shooting accidents.

    5. Familiarize yourself with your gun

    Always take time to learn about how your gun operates. Learn the gun features to enable you to use it wisely and as per the recommendations. Do not wait to learn about your firearm when shooting. This is because when shooting you should be learning about your grip, trigger control and shooting positions among other things. The moment you step up to shoot, you should know how to operate your gun to enable you to shoot properly and hit your target.

    6. Never shoot at hard surfaces

    Hard surfaces are dangerous as the bullet can glance off and go in the direction you never intended resulting in injuries or death. There are different types of hard surfaces such as rocks, metals, hard wood and water. Water does not seem like a hard surface, but the density of water is what makes it dangerous, and a shot from a shotgun can easily glance off and hit something you never planned.

    Hard surfaces can send the projectile back to the shooter killing the person or causing serious injury. It is always possible to shoot yourself indirectly which is a nasty experience no one wants to go through. However, you can prevent it by avoiding shooting at hard surfaces.

    7. Do not completely rely on safety mechanism

    Many guns come with safety mechanisms to prevent your gun from firing accidentally. The safety devices are reliable, but not always. Some guns can fire even with the safety on like Remington bolt action centerfire rifles. The rifles are a good example of the fact that safety devices can be unreliable.

    Always use the safety mechanisms, but do not over rely on them. Simply follow the rules given above such as always keeping the gun pointed elsewhere to enhance safety and prevent accidents.

    8. Only load your gun when necessary

    Keep all guns unloaded until you are sure you want to fire the gun. This rule may pose some difficulties, but it enhances safety in your home as accidents are hard to predict. It may be your young teenager who accidentally finds the gun and pulls the trigger injuring someone or fatally wounding someone. You can load your guns when going hunting or for defense reasons. Have the bullets in a secure and ready to access location to help you load the gun faster when in danger of home invasion, burglary, etc.

    There is no time to mess around loading the gun when it is vital to save your life. The moment always requires quick action so that it does not become a liability but a benefit. In most cases, safety is thrown out of the window when you are on defense. However, load the gun and handle it responsibly.

    9. Always use the right ammunition

    Different guns have different ammunitions. Choose the right ammunition for your gun without making assumptions. Wrong ammunitions can be crammed into your gun. The ammunition must match the gun’s strength factors and design. A proper cartridge designation is always marked on the gun. Besides, you can consult your gun manufacturer or any qualified gunsmith.

    10. Always pay attention

    Distractions are real, and it is easy to fall victim to it when having fun or doing target shooting. This often happens when people are with family and friends as they easily get carried away.

    Take extra care and follow the safe gun handling rules. Never rush to use your gun or be afraid to correct your friends when they are mishandling their guns. Everyone needs a reminder on the safety rules to make sure everyone goes home safe and sound. Gun safety is important for all gun users. You are free to buy your guns and use them for your various reasons. However, adhering to the safety rules to protect that other person who can be your friend, neighbor or family member.

    Secure your firearms when you are not using and make sure only authorized individuals to have access to the guns. Focus on your responsibilities as a gun owner. Educate your family and friends on safe gun handling and storage. As a firearm owner, be responsible and keep the community safer but safely storing your gun away from children.

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